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Daily Buzz: Protect Event Data

Data security has become a top priority for associations

Meetings can produce a treasure trove of data for associations to collect from their membership base.

“But with GDPR now in place, associations need to become even savvier in deciding what kind of data they collect from events, how this data is used and how it will bring value to their organisations,” says the Eventsforce team in a blog post. “Data management is no longer just an IT issue—it sits at the heart of an association’s success and its ability to acquire members and grow.”

And with more and more data being collected from meetings, data security has become a top priority for associations. That said, 4 out of 5 groups still say managing event data is a problem, according to Eventsforce’s “The Value of Event Data for Associations and Membership Organisations” study. More than 1 in 2 associations also say that their data is spread across multiple systems.

To combat any potential data breaches, the Eventsforce team recommends leaning on one event management system, which can not only help increase privacy protections, but it can also help improve the kind of data you receive from events, increase information sharing, and compile better, clearer insights into member wants and needs.

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