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Daily Buzz: Make Digital Experiences Feel Real

How Walmart is aiming to make its shoppers feel loved

Any association executive who manages a meeting probably knows this by heart, but it’s still worth keeping in mind: The experience is everything.

But can that experience translate neatly online? A recent campaign from the retailer Walmart suggests anything is possible.

The Walmart Toy Lab, an interactive tool that allows users (likely kids) to try out a variety of different playthings through a web interface, aims to make it possible to get an idea of how the toys work, by watching a kid actually play with them. After watching, they can select to add the toy to a wishlist that they can then send to their parent, grandparent, or anyone else who’s eyeing a gift for them—along with a custom-cut video of the toys in action.

Alon Benari, chief creative officer of the marketing firm Eko, which worked on the campaign, told Marketing Land the idea was to play with the perennial popularity of unboxing videos, while giving kids “an interactive video version of a toy catalogue.”

While you may not be selling toys to kids, you likely have opportunities to create immersive experiences like this one, even if they only sit inside a web browser.

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