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Alexa On The Witness Stand Is Going To Be Killer For Privacy

The Internet of Things can and will be used against you

Like many people of certain age, I fear inviting an Amazon Cylon into my home to record my every move simply because I’m too lazy to turn on my stereo. Unlike most people, I have sound legal reasons for distrusting Alexa that buttress my irrational fears of robots.

I do not want a voice-activated recording device in my home, because I do not know what the state might do with that information. Granted, I am not in the habit of committing crimes. But, in the privacyof my own home, I’ve surely contemplated a few. And I know enough about civil liberties — or the lack thereof — that I know that I might not be able to keep my fanciful conspiracies away from state intrusion should the state decide to target me, for whatever reason.

I don’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy in my vehicle, though I would if the Fourth Amendment were up to me. I’m damn sure not about to cede my reasonable expectation of privacy in my kitchen.

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