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Seven Things in Leadership That Lead to Massive Success

Focus on things that require no special talent

Often, we equate talent to what makes someone successful, leadership included.

When I got my first leadership role in an organization, I assumed I would be successful purely because I had natural leadership talent. But boy, was I wrong. Not only did I fail, but I failed miserably because I tried relying on talent alone rather than strengthening my leadership skills.  Looking at a study that was performed by The Leadership Quarterly on the skill set and human development within leadership, the results show that 24 percent of leadership skills is genetic and 76 percent is learned along the way. Essentially, the 'natural born leader' is a bit of a myth. Instead, leadership is something that you can develop and grow through strengthening a specific set of skills. 

Here are some things you can do to be a more successful leader that doesn't require any special, magical talents embedded in your DNA.

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