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The Best New Perks to Attract Talent

Many workplaces are offering new perks for parents

With the too-frequently conflicting pressures of career and home eating up most hours of the day for working parents, having a job while raising a family can feel like a long, lonely endeavor carried out at a continuously frantic pace—especially in the United States, which consistently ranks lowest among the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries in terms of work-life balance for families. The stress can be isolating, whether you’re doing it all on your own or are part of a two-career household.

But parents doing the daily juggling act are hardly alone. In 2017, 33.6 million U.S. families included children under age 18, and in 90.2 percent of these households, at least one parent was employed. That’s more than 30 million families with kids with at least one working parent. And, in nearly half (46 percent) of U.S. households, both parents work full-time.

Encouragingly, many workplaces—especially those already in the habit of lavishing staff with recruiting- and retention-worthy benefits—are offering new perks for parents, ranging from elaborate baby gifts and special assistance for business trips to the more quotidian types of workplace flexibility that can keep a busy parent grateful on a daily basis.

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