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Half of Gen Z Wants to Work in Hospitality

The position most coveted: events manager

Generation Z is entering the workforce, and its eyes are on the hospitality industry, according to a new study by American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation. Gen Z, defined as those born between the years 1995-2010, is the largest age group in the United States, estimated at about 61 million.

The majority of Gen Z-ers have never experienced life without mobile phones, and many take for granted the ability to stay in perpetual contact with one another, usually via social media. The importance social media platforms play for Gen Z is made evident in the study, as 49 percent of those surveyed say they get their information from Facebook and 39 percent from official news sites.

More than half (51 percent) of those surveyed—Generation Z-ers and young Millennials between ages 24-30—said they would like a career in hospitality, although only 6 percent have actually worked within it. Events manager ranked as the most coveted position.

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