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Membership Hack: Decked Out in Member Apparel

Merchandise and apparel sales can support a worthy cause

Members of the American Angus Association show their pride by wearing Angus Brand apparel, which is sold in a new online retail store. Merchandise and apparel sales also support a worthy cause.

How to hack it? For years, the American Angus Association has sold merchandise and apparel at its annual convention. The hats, t-shirts, and home decor options are popular with members, but Digital Content Manager Katy Holdener says sales were limited to these once-a-year meetings.

To expand sales and apparel options, Holdener and her team launched The Angus Brand, an online retail store this year. “We aim for our merchandise and apparel to be affordable and stylish enough that members should routinely buy it throughout the year,” she says.

Why does it work? Angus members show off their cattle pride by wearing Angus Brand apparel. “We feel that it boosts morale,” Holdener says. “Some of our most popular items are our trucker caps, stitched caps, and our expanding line of vintage t-shirts that showcase classic Angus artwork.”

What’s the bonus? Dollars spent at the online store support the Angus Foundation, which benefits youth programming, education, and research. “We think it is a great way for our association members to represent their invested interest while also benefiting an exceptional cause,” Holdener says.

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