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This is the Best Way to Avoid Mediocre Marketing

Marketing guru Seth Godin says go specific or go home

Forget managing by committee. How about doing marketing by giving everyone in your company a voice in the process? And making sure you cover every possible segment of the public? And while you're at it, make sure you also dumb everything down?

That's a sure way to reach an audience of none. In his new book, This Is Marketing, the popular author and speaker Seth Godin explains his overarching themes and, in many ways, lays everything out on the table. He's a prolific writer, but this particular book is like a treatise on everything the master has been telling us since his first book debuted in 2004.

"Marketing is almost always a group effort--everyone in the organization has something to say about the logo or the product or customer service," he explained to me recently. "No one is busy telling the accountant to consider an alternative to double entry. As a result, we often end up doing marketing in general instead of marketing in specific."

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