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Every Company Is Now a Tech Company

That’s why all established businesses need to hire a ‘technical co-founder’

There was a time when the primary role of leaders at most companies was management. The technology required to do the work of a company could be bought or siloed in an “IT department,” treated more as a cost center than a source of competitive advantage.

But now we’ve entered a period of upheaval, driven by connectivity, artificial intelligence and automation. The changes affect the world of business so profoundly that every company is now a tech company.

Fast-growing startups, of course, have technology bred into their bones. These companies could never have launched in the first place without a tech-proficient founder or co-founder. But now companies born before the first internet bubble also must realize they can no longer function as non-tech businesses, says Sean O’Sullivan, an angel investor credited with helping coin the term “cloud computing.”

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