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Report: Shifting Needs Drive Growing Desire for Corporate Training

More organizations are offering offer “up-skilling” and “re-skilling” opportunities

Are you giving your employees the skills they need to move up in the organization—or, at least, to keep pace in the industry?

A recent report from the Association for Talent Development finds that more than half of organizations offer “upskilling” opportunities (an upgrade of the current skill set in their field), “reskilling” opportunities (training intended to prep workers for potential opportunities in new fields), or both.

“These powerful development tactics are enabling 56 percent of organizations to counter precipitating events and ongoing change by taking positive steps to upgrade or build new workforce skills,” the report states.

Still, though, there’s plenty of room to expand: The report notes that a third of organizations surveyed see the need to offer ongoing skills training but have failed to offer something like that at their own organizations.

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