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Daily Buzz: Password Tips from Kanye West

Data security. We hear these two words a lot, and for good reason: To date, there have been around 668 data breaches with more than 22.4 million records exposed in 2018 alone. The risk of not keeping your information and accounts safe now looms larger than ever.

Although we all might know passwords are an important part of data security, how many of us are actually using safe password practices? Yes, it can be a pain to come up with a new phrase that is at least 10 characters and includes at least one number, symbol, capitalized letter, hieroglyphic, your favorite movie quote, and the pattern of your first pet’s name in Morse code. But the aftermath of a data breach is much, much worse.

Let’s take a look at Dashlane’s top three transgressors on its annual “Worst Password Offenders” list for 2018 for password do’s and don’ts.

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