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When to Consider Shortening a Conference

Some things to weigh before making a cut

In every workplace, there is lots of talk about how to help employees improve their work-life balance. Some ways to do that include telecommuting, flexible schedules and even shorter working hours.

That last strategy is something Amazon has been talking about since it announced in 2016 that it would pilot a 30-hour workweek. And just this week, a Harvard Business Review article made the case for a six-hour workday, arguing that it would not only increase employees’ productivity but also improve their mental state and give them more time for rest, friends and family, and other activities.

As I was reading the HBR article during my commute the other morning, my initial reaction is probably similar to one you may be having now: “Wow, a six-hour workday. I want that.” But then I began to consider where the same argument could be applied outside the workplace. One area that popped into my mind was the length of conferences.

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