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Time and Tech March On: 2019 Predictions

Three experts weigh in on future meeting and event technologies

Remember when the hot topic in technology was whether the year 2000—a.k.a. Y2K—would cause computers around the world to freeze up? Actually, we don't remember much about that either. After all, 2019 is just about here, and technology is light years beyond what it was back then. In fact, the coming year will be pretty interesting for technology applications in the meetings and events market.
Besides the recent spate of consolidation between meeting management software companies that's resulting in ever-more-comprehensive single platforms, other areas of event tech are progressing in ways that will change the attendee experience. Ahead of the IBTM World show taking place in Barcelona, Spain from November 27 to 29, three meetings-tech experts who will lead educational sessions at the show made predictions as to which tech applications will leave a deeper footprint on meetings and events in 2019. 
First, “live video mapping and drone and camera technology, which feeds directly into media servers for immersive presentations, are set to become the next big things in event tech," says Andy Johnston, business development director, corporate & events for PRG UK Ltd. "Such presentations can completely surround audiences to achieve an impressive effect. It turns spectators into active participants during a presentation, and the message being delivered becomes much more powerful when this immersive technology is in use.”

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