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Civil Rights Organization Launches Week-long Protest of Facebook

The action is a result of Russia's 2016 social media meddling

After reports released Monday by the Senate Intelligence Committee revealed that the Russian social media campaign to influence the 2016 election specifically targeted African-Americans to suppress voting, the NAACP asked its supporters to boycott Facebook for a week by logging out on Tuesday.

The boycott, which also includes Facebook-owned Instagram, comes at a cost to the organization, which announced that it had returned a sizable donation from Facebook.

The organization called on the Senate to investigate the Russian influence campaign further and said the “digital protest” also responds “to the tech company’s history of data hacks which unfairly target its users of color.” In addition, NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson cited concerns about Facebook’s use of opposition research in an effort to discredit the company’s critics, highlighted in recent  coverage from The New York Times.

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