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Daily Buzz: Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Avoid the activities that held you back in 2018

Come the beginning of a new year, many resolutions are made to be better and achieve greater success. But it’s hard to do that without looking back to the strategies, activities, and behaviors that didn’t work the year prior. Callie Walker from the MemberClicks blog outlines mistakes from 2018 associations should avoid in new year initiatives, including:

Hopping on the bandwagon of every new trend. Not every trend will align with your association’s goals—and you might not have the bandwidth to explore it anyway.

Not trying anything new, period. “While it’s important to avoid that ‘shiny object syndrome,’ it’s also important to avoid not trying anything new at all,” Walker says. “Now you don’t have to make major changes, per se. But do try one or two new things per quarter—even if they’re minor. You’ll start to see what your members like (and don’t like), and you can then make adjustments from there.”

Clumping members together. “It can be tempting to clump all of your members into one big pool—to send them all the same email, to invite them all to the same event, etc. But long-term, that can actually have a negative impact on engagement and retention,” she says.

Setting unrealistic or vague goals. Setting unattainable or nondescript goals only sets your organization up for failure. Get specific with what you want to achieve so you and your team have a concrete target to work toward, and then can accurately measure success come 2020.

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