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Public Speaking Advice For The CEO In Crisis

OSAE Member Hinda Mitchell says authenticity is key

Your executive is a legend in the auto business. He was chairman of Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. At Renault he remains CEO and chairman, despite residing in a Tokyo jail cell since just before Thanksgiving. That’s when authorities hauled him off his private jet.

He's been in a jail cell since then. Authorities filed charges weeks later, on Dec. 10.  For years he failed to report tens of millions of dollars in income, police say.

Next week the executive we’re describing, Carlos Ghosn, will make a public appearance for the first time since his detention. Appearing in a Japanese district court, he'll seek an explanation for his continued detention. Apparently Japanese authorities are building a larger case against him, though this is speculation. His prolonged wait before receiving charges has put Japan's legal system under scrutiny.

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