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Daily Buzz: Start Building Your Persuasion Skills

Effective communication lends you a competitive edge

Effective communication—particularly the ability to speak well publicly, whether to a small group in the office or a to a crowd from a stage—is often considered a nice-to-have soft skill but not a must-have competency that can make or break success.

But, according to a new LinkedIn analysis, persuasion is one of the skills most worth learning in 2019, and that means public speaking is more important than ever, said Carmine Gallo, author of Five Stars: The Communication Secrets to Get From Good to Great.

“In a world built on ideas, the persuaders—the ones who can win hearts and change minds—have a competitive edge,” he said in a post on Inc. And strengthening those persuasion skills will only bring you closer to your business goals.

“Calling public speaking a ‘soft skill’ diminishes its value in a world that cherishes the hard sciences,” Gallo said. “Public speaking isn’t soft. It’s the equivalent of cold, hard cash.”

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