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Four Tactics to Boost Your Email Trustworthiness

Issues often fool some platforms into thinking you’re "spammy"

You put a lot of time into the emails you send—and you want those messages to hit your members’ inboxes. But issues with trustworthiness might fool email platforms into thinking you’re spammy, and if you don’t get in front of that problem it can have a major impact on your email distribution.

A recent study from the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), an initiative of the Internet Society, found that many email marketers were doing a better job of ensuring the technical portions of their messages were up to snuff. In fact, 74 percent of top retailers had best-in-class email practices that exceeded federal standards for spam emails.

Nearly all marketers studied used the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to boost the security of their messages, while less common standards, such as DMARC and TLS, became more widely used in 2018.

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