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Eight Steps To Helping New Hires

Don't micromanage new hires; let them make a few mistakes

For longer than I care to remember, my wife and I have grappled with a parenting challenge that we hadn’t faced in the past. Our 5-year-old, and the youngest of our six children, was acting very much like the baby of the family.

In his self-defined role, he was unwilling to do certain things that his older siblings had mastered at younger ages. Most prominent among his “infractions” was his propensity to wake up in the early morning hours and join us in bed for the duration of the night. Try as we might (with discussions, incentives, framing “big boy” behaviors, etc.) we simply could not get him to remain in his room until morning.

Then, as if out of nowhere, he slept through the night in his bed for an entire week. On top of it, he started to demand the ability to bathe himself without parental presence, let alone assistance. It was as if the “big boy bulb” had gone on in his mind, speeding him along the independence highway to a new set of behaviors and sense of self.

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