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Daily Buzz: Navigate a Digital Transformation

Here’s how to establish successful transitions

If a digital transformation is on your association’s to-do list in 2019, be warned: A recent study shows that about half of senior executives don’t think their organizations have executed 50 percent of their strategies successfully. And another 20 percent think digital transformation is a waste of time.

To make change successful, Melissa Henley at CMSWire suggests starting with the question, “What is driving our digital transformation? … If your answer is ‘We’re changing to take advantage of [technology du jour],’ stop,” she says in a post. “Technology shouldn’t be at the heart of digital transformation, your customer should. That’s because digital transformation is successful when it’s focused on the customer experience. Technology is an enabler of that experience, not the end state.”

Also look at your team and your operations. “In order for your digital transformation initiative to succeed, it is imperative for your organization to change the way it does business,” she says. “This can include getting your team’s skills up to par, critically looking at processes, and investing in infrastructure to clean up legacy IT systems.”

But remember, a long to-do list, especially when paired with a short timeline, can derail progress. “If day-to-day decisions are undermining your digital transformation strategy, consider this: Digital transformation alone won’t save you,” Henley says. “Behavior has to change, too. Lead by example … Get organizational buy-in by building a vision that all employees can get behind. That will not only help you reshape the organization’s culture; it will also get employees excited for the future.”

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