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Membership Hack: Member Appreciation Webinars

How one organization offers free webinars to express member appreciation

Annually, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) shows members its appreciation by offering free webinars during a weeklong celebration. The free learning continues all year with a monthly webinar series.

How to hack it? The AOTA's annual Member Appreciation Celebration offers free opportunities for members to earn continuing education credits. The weeklong celebration includes 10 live webinars covering a variety of occupational therapy topics, plus chances to win raffle prizes like registration, hotel, and travel costs to AOTA’s Annual Conference. AOTA builds on the momentum and extends it throughout the year with a free monthly webinar series called Member Appreciation PLUS.

Why does it work? AOTA members look forward to the celebration every year. Since 2014, participation has increased dramatically, said Marketing Manager Amanda Goldman. “Live participation has grown 10 times over,” she said. “This is now a monthly series, hosted by AOTA’s president and guest presenters and focuses on current and practice-related occupational therapy topics and issues.”

What’s the bonus? Member appreciation webinars are also a way to elevate members’ subject matter expertise. “Our presenters value the opportunity to educate fellow AOTA members, and [they] go above and beyond to reach out to members if a question wasn’t answered in the allotted time,” Goldman said.

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