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Think Like a Hacker To Better Prevent Ransomware

Consider these tips from OSAE Member thinkCSC

Cyber-crime is a multi-million-dollar industry that pays handsomely on the black market, and every organization is at risk. The terrifying reality is that ransomware can bring your operation to a screeching halt, and malicious attacks are getting more innovative every day, often resulting in painful consequences. Rather than responding to attacks as they occur, however, it’s time to think like a hacker, to verify that your cyber-security is as robust as possible.

Hackers are abandoning traditional approaches. The spray-and-pray method of launching ransomware attacks is still common, as hackers patiently wait for one of hundreds of phishing scam emails to opened. However, ransomware is redefining itself as a unique tool that is more effective when specific targets are selected. Rather than wasting time with widespread attacks, hackers are homing in on vulnerable industries and focusing their efforts on accessing specific lucrative networks.

Phishing emails are more convincing than ever. Utilities, healthcare organizations, K-12 educational institutions and small businesses flew under the radar for years, but are now considered easy targets for hackers. Because each of their data is critical to operations, many of these organizations are desperate to regain access to their systems should they fall victim to a cyber-attack. This leads to a higher chance that a ransom will be paid. Due to the detailed nature of the attacks, phishing emails are more convincing as well, as hackers disguise themselves as trusted networks.

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