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Five Ways To Be An Engaging Listener

Here are a few authentic communication tactics to improve your success

Our workday lives and workplaces are daily exercises in challenging conversations. From feedback and coaching discussions to interchanges with coworkers who can say, “yes” or “no” to your requests for resources, process changes, budgetary allocations or fresh ideas, there’s no end to the critical communication situations we encounter at work. While there are many tools, techniques and approaches to use to gain support or get your way, I find that just a few common-sense, authentic communication tactics improve your success and strengthen your credibility as well.

5 Communication Tactics that Show You Care:

1. Listen So Hard, It Makes You Sweat
Tom Peters offers in his outstanding book, The Excellence Dividend, “If you’re not exhausted after a conversation, you weren’t listening hard enough.” Tom is right. Nothing is more important than pushing everything out of your mind at the moment and focusing on the person speaking to you. By doing this, you stand a chance of understanding and ultimately building an empathy bridge with the person. Additionally, listening carefully to someone is a sincere form of showing respect. There is no better tool for defusing tension and gaining support than showing someone you genuinely respect them.

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