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Watch Out: Email Mergers Are Heating Up

A number of major email service providers expanded in 2018

A couple of years ago, you might recall, there was a really aggressive cycle of mergers in the association vendor space. Now it’s email marketing’s turn to go through the M&A wringer.

This is thanks, in large part, to Campaign Monitor, which isn’t the biggest household name in the email marketing space (that honor goes to podcast-famous MailChimp) but has made itself hard to ignore due to a series of acquisitions within the past year. Since last June, Campaign Monitor’s parent company, CM Group, has acquired four other email vendors that target different audiences, including Emma and Delivra last summer and Sailthru and Liveclicker last week.

These platforms each have different specializations, including personalization, design and scale, which match the needs of different users. But, the point is clear: If you want to get a tool that just does email marketing, you suddenly have a mega-vendor to lean on.

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