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Future Focus: When Looking Ahead, Talk to Members First

Think broadly about transformational change by consulting your members

As an association leader, you likely do some form of thinking ahead, whether you’re crafting a tactical 90-day plan or taking a longer view to create a five-year strategic plan. However, even the best-laid plans often change due to unforeseen forces largely outside your control.

To think more broadly about transformational change in your industry or profession, it helps to consult your members, who likely can help you see the forest and not just the trees. That’s what CoreNet Global CEO Angela Cain recently did. She spearheaded an 18-month campaign to consult with CoreNet Global members, who work in corporate real estate worldwide, to pinpoint specific trends that will give shape to their profession in the next decade.

The findings were released last week in a report called FutureForward 2025. Among the key trends, it identifies are the rise of employee experiences, the growth of the gig economy, the impact of automation, and the growing desire for personalization and instant intelligence.

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