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How To Launch Strategies That Stick

Most strategies stand a 1 in 10 chance of being successful

A new year brings with it new hopes, such as a newly developed strategy ready to be launched into the organization with fanfare and excitement. But let’s stop for a minute. What are the chances of this strategy actually taking hold? What is your organization’s track record in successfully launching strategies? How soon would you start compromising the objectives due to unforeseen circumstances and other excuses?

If you are like most organizations (which most organizations are, by definition), you have a 1 in 10 chance of strategy success. That’s not much to bet on.

“I expected it to be self-sustaining,” admitted our client’s president. It was a sad moment in a year’s journey to transform his organization. Like many senior executives, he was captivated by the illusion that strategies are about making tough decisions and being resolute about them. As important as the strategy was for him—like many senior leaders, it was a career-defining strategy, his intended legacy—he failed to execute it throughout is organization. So, what happened?

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