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Email Report: Technical Growth, Interactives Picking Up

Litmus’ report highlights the trends to follow in email this year

One of the most closely watched technical studies about the email marketing space is out, and it argues that email is about to turn a big corner on the interactivity front.

Litmus’ 2019 State of Email Report, released last week[Registration], reveals the big trends in interactivity to watch in the coming year, along with bigger updates to keep in mind.

Among the highlights of the latest report:

Mobile, Gmail remain the biggest drivers. The report noted that this past December, 43 percent of all email opens took place in mobile clients, versus 39 percent in webmail and 18 percent in desktop applications. The two most popular email clients in the modern day remain Apple’s iPhone (29 percent) and Google’s Gmail (27 percent). Apple’s iPad saw a slight decline in uptake, while Outlook use improved to 8 percent, from 6 percent the year prior. Yahoo Mail use also grew last year, partly as a result of its acquisition by Verizon, which led the company to combine its technology with that of AOL’s email client.

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