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To Delegate Effectively, Follow These Six Steps

You can’t be an effective leader if you’re not an effective delegator

To be a successful leader, you need to be a great delegator. After all, you can’t do everything yourself when you have large-scale company goals to meet. But to do it properly, you need to have the right mind-set—otherwise, it can backfire very quickly and jeopardize the success of your team. In my experience, there are two common obstacles that leaders need to overcome.


Obstacle One: The Hesitant Delegator
Leaders often hesitate because they don’t want to burden their team with work, or are afraid that they will hand the job to someone who might make a mistake.

You need to remember that members are at work to work. Yes, you do need to ensure that you’re not giving them more than they can chew, but if you ask them whether or not they’d be interested in being in charge of a task, chances are, they’ll say yes. Think about it from their perspective. They’ll probably be glad to have the opportunity to show you what they’re capable of.

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