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Make Sleep An Organizational Priority

Organizations should be concerned about employee sleep deprivation

Organizations often devote significant resources to upskill their workforce, through internal and external training opportunities. They also spend quite a lot of time, attention, and money trying to identify sources of competitive advantage. However, these organizations may be overlooking a powerful way to potentially upskill and gain competitive advantage, which could be accessed much more readily, and at far less expense, than broad-scale training and innovation initiatives: having a well-rested workforce.

While the topic of sleep has garnered a lot of attention in recent years, so far, many organizations haven’t focused much on reinforcing the importance of a good night’s sleep—or creating what we call a “sleep-first” culture. Existing cultural norms and perceptions, coupled with the use and ubiquity of the latest technologies, continue to undermine employees’ ability to get good quality sleep.

In this article, we explore the benefits of sleep along with the adverse consequences of not getting enough sleep. Specifically, we focus on how having a sleep-deprived workforce can undermine performance and may represent a huge missed opportunity for organizations. We leave our readers with practical suggestions regarding how to turn the tide and create a culture that encourages, and even rewards, sleep.

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