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Leadership Etiquette

Twelve tips to strengthen your behavior

Are you in a leadership position at work, on a committee, or among friends? If so, you probably have some skills and traits that people look up to. Maybe you're a role model or simply someone who always follows through on commitments.

Whether you are a corporate executive, floor supervisor, or leader of a social club, proper etiquette is essential if you want to continue to be respected and followed. The key to being a successful leader is to take the focus off yourself and turn it to the people you are counting on to work with you.

Professional Appearance
The old saying, "You only have one chance to make a good first impression," is true. Dress for the position you hold. Make sure you are well groomed at all times and avoid wearing anything too flashy. If you aren't sure that an article of clothing or piece of jewelry is appropriate, it probably isn't. Save it for some other time.

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