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Let's Not Kid Ourselves: The Real Reason for Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a symptom of a deeper problem

I received a call last week from a CEO who was concerned about the sudden increase in employee turnover in his organization. He couldn't understand why anyone would leave his firm. He then went down a laundry list of perks he recently added, that would have made even Google envious.

I let him speak and then said, "Tell me something. Is this turnover happening throughout the organization or is there a particular area where you've noticed a spike?" He thought about it and then said, "It seems most of the turnover is taking place in Bob's department. There are a few leaders in his operation who can be a bit abrupt at times--Maybe even a bit abusive, but they're hitting their numbers. People have been complaining about this, and well you know how people can be."

Employee turnover is a symptom of a deeper problem, which means that you've got to get to the root cause if you ever hope to cure this disease.

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