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Daily Buzz: Integrate Planning Into Your Schedule

Planning is not an episode; it’s ongoing

Evaluating and updating your processes can help improve and grow your association—but it’s not something that has to wait for every three to five years. “There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just limited, a snapshot in time in a world that is changing fast,” says Laurence Pagnoni in a post on the Bloomerang blog.

Instead of waiting, Pagnoni says leaders should incorporate planning into their daily schedules. For example, if your team solidifies its annual email or mail schedule in the beginning of each year, have you applied what you learned in 2018 to update and leverage it for this year’s calendar? Let data lead, and use findings to continually update your practices to ensure that you’re making the most of your—and members’—time.

“Yes, do have times designated for planning, but also integrate planning processes into your daily work when that makes sense,” he says. “Planning is not an episode, it’s ongoing.”

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