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What Skills Employers Need Now

These are the hottest job skills to help someone get hired

In this tight labor market, finding people with the right skills to get the job done can sometimes be more difficult than the skill itself. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. currently has more than 7 million unfilled positions. So while it's a great time to be looking for a job, it's imperative to have the 21st-century skills employers are looking for.

Freelancing platform Upwork today released its newest quarterly index of the 20 hottest skills in the U.S. job market, of which 17 are tech-related. The bigger surprise: 75 percent of the skills are brand new this quarter, proving real-time validation of current trends in the labor market and tech industry.

This rapid change highlights the importance of re-skilling, said Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel. He added that since many "businesses might not be able to train up their workforce quickly enough," they are likely to depend on freelancers, who "are more likely than traditional employees to participate in skills-related education."

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