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Working Across Generations to Encourage Innovation

How organizations are working to tailor members' services to their needs

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) wanted to appeal to broader segments of its membership, including young professionals, so it began to ask what their needs are and what processes they had to change internally to match that.

“We’re having to kind of flip our processes on their head,” said Alexis Redmond, director of career management resources. ASHA also made other adjustments that allowed for new products to be developed based on these member needs.

For example, the association launched the new ASHA Career Portal, tailored to early-career professionals, to make sure they could find the resources they needed.  “In associations, we have so much access to resources, but how do we serve members in a way that will be palatable, particularly for a young cohort?” said Gwen Fortune-Blakely, ASHA’s enterprise-wide marketing director.

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