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Daily Buzz: Pixar Nails Why Employers Still Struggle With Diversity

Its new short demonstrates where organizations should put more effort

Although many organizations have developed strategies to improve staff diversity and inclusion, they often still fall short. Take it from Purl Ball.

Purl, the title character of Pixar’s new short, is a fuzzy pink ball of yarn headed for her first day at B.R.O. Capital. After she arrives, she quickly realizes that she isn’t like any of the other employees: white, sports-loving men clad in expensive suits. After they gawk and ignore her, Purl refashions herself into a knitted business suit and becomes one of the guys.

“As with any Pixar production, the film is cute, but it also tackles two long-running complaints about male-dominated industries like tech and venture capital: They’re still way behind in terms of hiring diverse teams and publicly reporting those figures, two things HR managers say are key to preventing toxic or alienating work cultures,” writes Emily Canal in Inc.

Purl also highlights the failure of employers to properly onboard new hires and orient them in the organization’s culture. “This is the kind of HR failure that can do a lot of damage in the first few days when a new employee wants and needs to integrate into a team,” Canal says.

To make your office more welcoming from day one, ensure that your onboarding process  anticipates new employees’ needs, gives them a comfortable place to land, and connects them to their new colleagues.

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