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Daily Buzz: Make Your Nonprofit a Social Media Standout

Craft your social strategy to perfectly fit your audience

With about seven in 10 Americans active on social media, your association should be, too, to engage with your industry’s larger online community and get in front of potential members. But many other organizations are trying to do the same thing, which makes it hard for your association to become a breakout star in the social sphere.

“Any advantage you may have reaped by being an early adopter is gone,” said Claire Axelrad in a post on the Bloomerang blog. “Everyone is in the social space, and your competition is not just other nonprofits but legions of businesses—small, medium and large.”

To become a social media standout, survey where your audience spends most of its time. Then, build up your brand’s profile on those platforms, including strong avatars, consistent branding and starting or contributing to conversations.

Axelrad also recommended integrating a blog into your nonprofit’s website.

“Not only will this support email list building and search, it also provides a dynamite means of building ongoing supporter relationships,” she said. “You can offer lots of relevant content that helps more than it sells, thereby fulfilling your part of the nonprofit value-for-value exchange bargain. If you want gifts, you must give them.”

Set up your social strategy with measurable goals and the metrics and track them along the way.

“Don’t simply fall back on brand awareness and other easy-to-track metrics that don’t necessarily yield an addressable audience, leads, or desired action responses,” Axelrad added.

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