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Daily Buzz: It Takes People to Make AI Work Right

AI's perk still require human guidance, input

Yes, artificial intelligence technologies can help your organization work smarter. But to gain all the benefits these tools can bring, humans have to strategize a deployment and integration plan, says Sean Duffy in a post on CMSWire.

“Integrating artificial intelligence into enterprise operations—and ensuring that it integrates into the company culture—is a very human task,” he says. “While such initiatives need not be daunting undertakings, business leaders must invest time and resources toward careful deployment plans for AI applications across the entire organization, not just in silos.”

To start, leaders must set clear expectations for all team members about what the technology means for them. “If an AI assistant is being introduced, for example, employees should receive introductory training that shows them exactly how the system will function within their day-to-day workflows,” Duffy says.

Remember, the goal of using AI is to create smarter, more efficient workflows. Before the tech is deployed, leaders will need to decide on the specific metrics to measure progress after it launches.

“AI is poised to shape the future of work and become an integral component of the digital workplace,” Duffy says. “Leaders who invest in the technology early and get their employees’ buy-in on practical applications will be far ahead of the curve. When more advanced and complex AI-driven tools hit the market, the early adopters will be the first ones ready to take advantage of the new capabilities.”

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