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Think Your Job Is Meaningless?

Think again

In our lifetimes, each one of us will spend the majority of the time we have on Earth doing one of two things: sleeping (26 years) and working (13 years). That’s right, 113,880 hours of our lives will be spent working - that’s more time than we will spend on holiday or even socialising. And, as we are now living longer, the amount of time we will spend at work is only set to increase.

It goes without saying that that the career we choose to follow is a dominant force in our lives, not just in terms of the amount of time we spend doing it, but also in terms the impact it has on us. It forms part of our identity and shapes how we feel about ourselves. It has the power to make us feel invigorated, inspired, determined and motivated, but it can also leave us feeling bored, lost, stressed and undervalued. And these feelings we have about our work, good or bad, seep into every other aspect of our lives, whether we realize it or not.

What gets us out of bed each and every morning for 13 years?
I think most of us would agree that it’s not the pay packets or office perks that ultimately get us out of bed every single morning, time and time again, for years and years. In fact, what really drives us is the sense of meaning and purpose we get from what we do every day.

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