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Daily Buzz: Don't Ask The Wrong Post-Conference Questions

It’s important not to ask any leading or loaded questions

Asking attendees for meeting feedback can be a great way to gain insight into what went well and what  needs improvement moving forward. But how you word survey questions can have a big influence on the answers your receive.

“The motto ‘there are no bad questions’ does not apply to surveys,” says Rachel Grate in a post on the Eventbrite blog. “The wrong way can confuse and annoy attendees—and ultimately lead to them giving up on your survey. It can also affect the accuracy of the answers you get. If you’re getting biased answers—and making critical changes to your events as a result—it could seriously undermine the success of your future events.”

When crafting survey questions, it’s important not to ask any leading or loaded questions. That is, don’t assume anything about attendees’ experience. Ask questions in a way that lets them be honest.

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