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Afraid of a “Ghost?" How to Keep Recruits From Disappearing

How to prevent a crisis when a new employee fails to show

If you’ve been on the dating scene in the past few years, you might be familiar with “ghosting,” which happens when someone simply disappears without letting you know they’re no longer interested.

You know who else might be familiar with the concept? Your HR department—which may have dealt with job candidates, or even new hires, doing the exact same thing to them.

It’s a problem even at higher levels of an organization—one recent story on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) website highlights an anecdote involving a senior leader who did not show up for the job on his first day, despite the fact that, according to the person telling the anecdote, “a ‘cast of thousands’ had participated in the selection process, from interviewing to making the offer.”

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