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Daily Buzz: Master Competing Priorities With This One Approach

Approaching tasks with one goal in mind ensures proper completion

Association professionals are often faced with to-do lists that are both never-ending and filled with competing priorities, which can raise questions about how to approach tasks that seem to negate each other.

One idea: Working toward each item with the goal in mind to help advance members’ careers.

“Taking a look at your products and services through the lens of how they support members at various stages of their career provides a basis for associations to align their activities more closely with members’ needs,” Mary Ellen Brennan writes on Association Success.

In order to follow this approach correctly, Brennan says associations must understand the needs of each phase of a member’s career, from the internship level to pre-retirement.

“The information gleaned provides a valuable service to members seeking to move up the career ladder,” she says. “It also results in increased engagement of members and volunteers, as well as potential entrants to the profession. Overall, a career stage program provides new focus for associations struggling with multiple, competing priorities.”

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