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Put Members in the Spotlight as Meeting Storytellers

It's important we connect as human beings

Face-to-face communication has grown scarcer in this digital age, when emails, texts, and social media posts often replace direct, two-way conversation. But if you surveyed your members tomorrow, I would be willing to bet they’d say that relationship strength, community and face-to-face connections are primary reasons why they feel a sense of belonging to your organization.

Don’t get me wrong—digital communications and social networking definitely make it easier for members to stay connected 24/7, but it’s at annual meetings or other conferences where people put down their devices and connect as human beings.

What if you want to document these interactions as they happen and seize the moment to capture some of your members’ impressions, experiences, and best thinking? You’ll be showcasing your members being “more human humans”—to use a phrase describing a driver of change identified by the ASAE ForesightWorks research initiative.

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