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Finding the Right Training and Development Opportunities for Your Organization

How to decide which enrichment programs are worth your time

It’s that time of year, when you’re bombarded with training information, conference invitations, and certification opportunities on almost a daily basis. Your desk is covered with brochures about getting new skills to meet growing needs, and course offerings for continuing education credits. Or perhaps you’re trying to determine whether the university offering MOOC courses this spring is as credible as it seems.

With rising pressures for you and your teams to improve your skills for today’s publishing industry needs, these marketing materials should come as welcome notifications. However, with so many options for obtaining different certifications in Scholarly Publishing, how do you decide what is worthwhile for both your departmental and organizational strategic goals?

As a publishing professional, you understand that at any given time something like a new funder mandate might shift your entire business model and you want your team to be equipped. Determining where you should invest time and resources is difficult, but the problem is not that there are too many options; it’s deciding which options help you meet your goals. That said, you don’t want to waste your developmental budgets on skills that really don’t help you to get the results you need during crunch time.

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