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Daily Buzz: Attract Millennials and Gen Z to Meetings

Uncover ways to engage younger members

Legacy events need the support of new generations, but capturing their attention is challenging when traditional marketing methods and event agendas are no longer effective.

What Millennials really want is more digital integration and to be included in all aspects of a meeting, says Jason Dorsey, president of The Center for Generational Kinetics, in an interview with BizBash.

“The best way to reach Millennials is to create the foundation for a great event before the event happens,” he says. “This includes videos, behind-the-scenes collaborations, and building up the excitement for the event before it takes place… Millennials want the event to be tailored to them, when possible, and to give them options to find content and tracks that meet their specific needs.”

Gen Z, meanwhile, values “training on how to make the most of events, how to use technology to connect with people and resources at events, and interaction that drives new connections—as they likely know fewer people at the event than other generations,” Dorsey says.

What this means for meetings: Lecture-style conferences with disengaging speakers and PowerPoint presentations will turn off younger audiences, so find activities to keep them engaged and valued.

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