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Daily Buzz: Three Tech Toolkit Tweaks

Improve your strategies with data-driven solutions

A tight budget often means associations are working with outdated technology solutions for much longer than they might wish. If 2019 is your organization’s year to update its software toolkit, Tim Forbes from the Care2 blog recommends emphasizing the following areas:

Focus on integration. “Data-driven strategies are always preferable to shots in the dark, and using tools that speak the same language is a surefire way to ensure your team can make the most of all your nonprofit’s experiences over the past year,” Forbes said. “Using tools that integrate with your CRM can dramatically simplify day-to-day logistics for your team, but its biggest benefit is streamlining data management and analysis.”

Opt for automated tools. “The benefits of data automation really become clear when you work within an integrated set of tools that can draw from the same pool of data,” he said. “Automated and integrated tools reduce the need for manual data management, giving you more time to identify trends and develop smarter strategies.”

Refine digital marketing strategies. The most effective digital marketing plans are data-driven, so your tech solutions should follow suit. “You’ll want to prioritize software that makes it easy to track and analyze engagement data, which is essential for refining your strategies in the future,” Forbes said.

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