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Marketing Study: Think Beyond Millennials, Gen Z

Why one study says age demographics are downright passé

It’s often accepted as common knowledge that the best way to target a potential audience is demographically—in other words, by age range.

Hence why you feel like you can’t get away from reading about millennials and Generation Z. But not everyone feels that looking at things that way is really doing the job anymore, and a new analysis from the agency Zenith argues that age demographics are downright passé when there are so many more targeting options out there.

In its new report, Generation Z is Not the Next Big Thing [PDF], Zenith lays out a case why age alone is no longer the right way to track audiences. Here’s the Cliffs Notes version: While it once was the case that targeting by demographics was difficult, it is now easy to do, thanks to the increasing use of mobile devices. It was a “revolution” in data-based marketing, but something surprising happened afterward.

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