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Real Leaders Do The Work And Don't Seek Out Accolades

Consider if you truly want to be great

Don’t settle for the ordinary. Strive for greatness. But be careful. It’s easy to mistake the accolades of greatness for greatness itself.

The Accolades of Greatness
In 1999, the authors of Lessons from The Top set out to answer the question: “What makes business leaders great?” They created a list of 50 top business leaders. The great ones.

Some of the names would still be on a list of great business leaders of all time today. Jack Welch is there. So are Bill Gates and Andy Grove. Howard Schultz and Shelly Lazarus are there, too. Many others have slipped from the front of mind in the past 20 years. And then there are Bernie Ebbers, Hank Greenberg, Dennis Kozlowski and Ken Lay. That’s one problem with the accolades of greatness. A leader who looks great today might not look good tomorrow.

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