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Daily Buzz: The Benefits of Self-service Check-in

One of the biggest logistical undertakings at events is check-in

One of the biggest logistical undertakings at events is check-in. You want it to be a short and smooth process, or you risk upsetting attendees and wasting their time. That’s where self-service check-in technology comes in.

“Much like the self-service check-in kiosks you see at airports and doctors’ clinics, the system allows people to use simple touchscreen technology to check in quickly to events through a simple name search or QR code scan,” writes the Eventsforce team.

In addition to saving time, self-service check-in technology can give planners more accurate data, including who the attendees are, when they arrived, and how your attendance and registration numbers compare. Rather than manually checking names off a list, any changes to registrations can also be updated automatically and then sync with  other data systems.

Plus, the tech can give planners real-time information about where attendees are spending the most time. “Accurate attendance recording also means that organizations like associations can do a better job of tracking the sessions and events their members are actually attending,” the team writes. “This helps them issue attendance certificates and manage CPD (Continual Professional Development) accreditation a lot more effectively.”

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