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Check Your Archives: You Might Rediscover Your Most Influential Moment

A little digging in your vault can create a great opportunity to tell your story

Sometimes, a little digging in your vault creates a great opportunity to tell an important story that might not be on the front page anymore but remains deeply influential.

Recently, the Arms Control Association (ACA) had such a moment when the organization’s monthly journal, Arms Control Todayreflected on a story from 40 years ago that showcased the influence of the organization, whose mission is to promote effective arms control policy.

In the late 1970s, the St. Petersburg Times—the iconic Florida newspaper now known as the Tampa Bay Times—wanted to detail the potential impact of a nuclear attack on St. Petersburg. It reached out to the association’s then-executive director, William Kincade, for help. ACA offered technical knowledge that helped the paper create detailed graphics and worked with editors to put together a fictional version of what a nuclear attack might look and feel like. The four-day series was published in February 1979.

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