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The Fish On Your Plate May Not Be What You Ordered

A new investigation found widespread fraud in the U.S. seafood industry

If you eat seafood, even occasionally, there’s a good chance you’ve been served a fish species you didn’t order.

A new months-long investigation by ocean advocacy group Oceana finds widespread and persistent fraud in the U.S. seafood industry. The organization tested 449 fish from more than 250 restaurants, seafood markets and grocery stores across the country and found that 21 percent of samples were mislabeled.

In two restaurants in Florida, cheap imported Asian catfish and spinycheek grouper, a species found only in the Indian Ocean, were sold as hogfish. In Washington, D.C., sea bass on a restaurant menu turned out to be farmed tilapia. And at a grocery store in Springfield, Virginia, Greenland turbot was labeled Alaskan halibut.

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